Online Lifestyle & Nutrition Course

Through a structured online curriculum with my partners at Precision Nutrition, this 12 month course will provide you with the correct knowledge, habits, and step-by-step guidance to make lasting changes.

While this online course has been carefully developed to provide you with everything you need, you’ll also have access to me for any questions, guidance or additional support. It’s my job to help hold you accountable, assist in motivation and work with you to achieve your goals.

With each module, I’ll have access to your answers and monitoring your performance, so you won’t be going this alone. Whether you’re just getting started with health, fitness and nutrition, getting back on track or an experienced athlete, you’ll learn and grow with my full support every step of the way.

Online Nutrition Course

Benefits Include:

  • Get the best habit-based nutrition and lifestyle coaching, no matter where you live
  • Daily, weekly and monthly skill building lessons, habits and practices available
  • My expert guidance and support to help you reach your goals
  • Proven, scientifically based data and results
  • Tested and used by over 45,000 people worldwide

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Client Reviews

"I would recommend Shaun to anyone looking to either lose weight or put on muscular size and or trim down due to his professional approach to training he has a laid back but firm outlook on life and will encourage you to challenge yourself at almost every session."
Duane Harwood
"I would 100% recommend Shaun to anyone because he always pushes me beyond what i think i can do. He cares for my personal goals and strives to push me to achieve them."
Chris Dodgson
"Shaun is sympathetic to the fact that I have arthritic knees and has designed a programme to suit my needs. I have recently been introduced to indoor climbing and with Shaun’s help, my upper body strength is increasing weekly which helps with the climbing. I look forward to my training sessions."
Amanda Abbott