How long before I can achieve my goal?
That depends on how much are you ready, willing and able to commit to change. A Hollywood A-list actor could achieve their goals a lot faster than Jennifer Smith who has 2 hyperactive kids, a hungry husband, full time work, a flea bitten dog and a broken left high heel. The fact that you’re reading this means you’re already ready and willing for change.

I’ve never done Personal Training before, does that matter?
Not at all. I’m here to guide you at your own pace, with your own skill set. Personal Training is different for everyone, you’re an individual and I will treat you as such. My 21-year-old body-builder client is not going to be doing the same as my 64-year-old general fitness client.

Are you good at your job?
Well of course I’m going to say yes, but I’m a bit biased. I do my utmost to make sure my clients are happy and I’ve had some really amazing feedback over the years which makes my job so rewarding. Please read my reviews page to see what my clients thought of our time together and I’d also be happy to put you in contact with them directly.

How will I know I’m making progress?
I will take measurements at the beginning and check at intervals to see how we’re doing and if we need to change anything. I will track your strength and fitness in the gym in every session so we know we’re not going in circles. It’s not always just physical either, you will notice changes in behaviour with nutrition, work, and relationships.

What does a PT session look like?
That of course depends on what your needs are but I can give you some examples:

Do I have to be rich to do Personal Training?
No, you just need to identify what your priorities are. If your priorities are fancy handbags, designer shoes and branded jewellery then you’re never going to be able to afford Personal Training, and that’s completely fine, there’s no judgement from me because it’s your choice. If on the other hand your priorities and being able to go on adventures like hiking, or look amazing in a dress, or take off your t-shirt at the beach, or feel confident, or have a baby, or have strength, or feel full of energy, or reduce pain, or improve your skin, or live longer, or reduce your chances of disease, or reduce your risk of hip fractures, or improve your libido, and feel sexy then… Personal Training is for you.

What do I get for my money?
Picture your ideal body shape. If you do what I ask, you’ll be standing proud in that body you’ve honed and sculpted. The new knowledge of how to get there and stay there from the conversations we will have. Accountability means you’re much more likely to stick to the plan. My support and advice when you need it most. Save your precious time by optimising everything with my expertise and experience.

Will I have to provide any equipment?
You do not need to provide any equipment as I have my own which I will bring with me. If you have got some stuff, that’s fine as we might be able to use that too. I like to improvise and be resourceful by trying to use the environment around me. For example, I’ve used a car battery for dumbbell rows and a bed for deadlifts!

How much space will I need to have at home?
You don’t need to live in Royal Palace to have a training session. A living room floor with the kids Lego moved out of the way would suffice. In the summer, we can train outdoors if you have a garden. If you’re able to, clear out the garage and make it your own gym.

I’m pregnant, can I still train?
Unfortunately I’m not currently pre-and-post natal trained so I wouldn’t be able to train you personally, but it is now highly recommended by medical experts that women should safely exercise when having a baby.

I have injuries can I still train?
Some of the most inspiring people I’ve trained have had injuries. They have every excuse not to exercise, yet they realise that they are in control and they can make their bodies better. In fact, it’s very important that if you do have pain, you should use exercise to improve your symptoms, and it may even tackle the cause. Speak to your Doctor and Physiotherapist first, and once they’ve given you the go ahead, then you should get exercising immediately. I’ve trained clients with back pain and they’ve seen massive improvements (please read my reviews) from chronic back pain for years, to no pain! I’m not claiming in any way to fix pain, that is not within my scope of practice, but be open to the idea that if you suffer pain, it may be possible to improve things.

How long do I need to commit to training? Is there a minimum period?
I like to tie people up to agreements, not because I’m evil, but because in my experience commitment = results. There’s no minimum period, but you need to be realistic. Do not expect life changing results in one month. If you’re taken in by those “get lean in 20 days” packages you can find everywhere on-line then you will have to learn the hard way. It’s OK, I’ll wait until you’re ready to see me. Anything worth doing takes time and commitment.

Is it possible to coach me with anyone else?
I’m more than happy to train a pair if that’s what it takes to get you active.

What areas do you cover?
I cover most of the Peterborough area but it’s always worth asking to see if I can drive to you, even if you do live off road in that Palace.

Do I need to be fit to do PT?
I’ve heard people say “I’m not fit enough to do Personal Training”. It’s a common misconception which really  surprised me. The reality is I’m not going to shout “drop down and give me 20” like a Military Officer. You can find another PT if that’s what you’re after. Instead my philosophy is to train smarter, not harder. What does that look like you ask? Learn how you move, teach you how to move even better, add resistance, check your form, add OR subtract resistance depending on technique. I make it fit to you, rather than you fit to it.

Am I too old to do Personal Training?
NO! Sorry to shout at you, but it annoys me when people pigeon-hole themselves and think that they’re now destined to sit in a chair eating custard creams in their slippers. While that does sound nice, it gets boring after a while. I’ve trained clients in their sixties who can do amazing things like pulling their own body weight up to a bar, doing press ups and heavy squats. I’ve admired people at the gym in their 80’s still exercising with weights. If you want to be healthy, mobile, social and fit then you should give it some thought. Speak to your family (the healthier ones) and see what they think. On a more serious note (I can be serious sometimes) there is worrying statistic that elderly people who break or fracture their hip are 3x more likely to die the year following their accident. Can you drastically reduce your chances of this happening? Osteoporosis, other wise known as brittle bones is a condition which can occur as we age. We can improve our chances of keeping our bones strong by doing load bearing exercises e.g resistance training. That will force the bone to maintain or grow in density, plus building up the muscles around the joints provides greater support as well as improved coordination.

What kind of clothing do I need to wear?
Keep it simple. Wear something that you feel comfortable in, that allows freedom of movement and your skin to breathe. If you fancy getting yourself something as a well done for your hard work, look for active wear that has “moisture wicking” technology to keep you dry while you exercise.

Can I improve my fertility by doing Personal Training?
It’s a very emotive subject for people who have been trying for a child and have been unsuccessful. The studies show that by being active and eating nutrient dense food, you can improve your chances of conceiving. It’s important to note that I cannot guarantee you’ll have a baby through improved lifestyle habits as you may have a medical reason why you cannot conceive, but you’re stacking the cards in your favour.