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Robert Bates

Back injuries are a difficult thing to treat so having someone like you that understands what I need to do and how to do it, was key.

Creating a structured programme is really important and being sure that I am now doing the right things for my condition.

Physically – In a short time I already feel improvement in my core and flexibility. My back is going to take a lot of time but I know I have the right programme in place.

Mentally – having a structure that I know will work, and it’s very important for me to have focus.

I would recommend you to other people. A lot of people I am sure come to see a Personal Trainer because of weight issues/confidence etc  – you recognised early on that motivation is not the issue with me but needing to know I was doing the right things and that focus for me was very important. You were very patient which was important as I was frustrated I couldn’t do simple things to begin with as I was basically a plank of wood!*

Linda Edwards

You seemed very friendly,easy to get on with,approachable and good at what you do.

Help me to tone up and get fitter and stronger. Yes but still a way to go.

Emotionally:  I can forget about home stuff for that hour & concentrate on me.

Physically: My body is slowly changing and I feel so much better for it and stronger.

Mentally: I can see the results and it motivates me to carry on and not stop.

Definitely recommend you. You’re very good at what you do, you do not make me feel stupid, and I do not feel so self-conscious when exercising next to all the “super-fit” people. If I was not training with you I know I would not go on my own because I would feel very intimidated. I also would not feel confident enough to use the machines on my own and would probably avoid them.You also care about the well-being of your clients and if there’s any injuries etc. you change program accordingly without any hesitation.

You are a valued PT. Without your help I would not be where I am today. Thank you.*

Samir Anand

Shaun was recommended.

I wanted to focus on a few things:

Shaun’s workout regime was well structured focussing on my needs and importantly taking into considerations some constraints around back issues.  The results in overall fitness are noticeable and there are clear, measurable results in the level of weight I can work with and measurable positive changes to measurements for chest, biceps and thighs, with waist reduction starting to head in the right direction.

Emotionally: More connected with myself in terms of what I eat and drink and general awareness of level of fitness, I feel better about myself.

Physically: Clearly some increased tone and muscle definition and general fitness levels.

Mentally: Greater awareness of what is needed to develop good level of health and need for balance in working out and eating right

Yes I definitely would recommend, Shaun is very personable and has shown deep knowledge of nutritional information and anatomy. He knows what works and what doesn’t and is very focused on sustainable results which is key in this current world with its fixation on a quick fix.  He has been able to build routines that are varied and is always willing to experiment to try new things and adapts if these changes don’t work out.  He has done well to take into consideration my specific requirements and needs around managing back and sciatic pain.  He makes good use of the technology available and is able to share information and advice and recommend exercises and eating advice outside of the gym.

I have appreciated Shaun’s sessions, although hard,  I have seen the benefits over time and would not hesitate in recommending Shaun to anyone.*

Duane Harwood

I chose PT Shaun as my coach as he’s clearly into his fitness and was always giving me advice and tips before I decided to have a PT and he is in great shape himself, so having a PT who not only knows his stuff but  looks like he does too is a bonus.

What I hope to gain from PT Shaun as a coach was an insight into the fitness world and achieve my goals which I was able to as aiming for smaller goals and working  towards your main one works really well as you usually see progress every week with Shaun’s motivation and encouragement with how to do each exercise correctly and with solid form (I still hate deadlifts!)

Training with PT Shaun I have noticed a big difference in terms of being able to self motivate and the way I approach training. I have felt myself getting much stronger and have been able to increase my  weight on lifts by a small amount most weeks whilst form still being correct which has lead to a big increase in my self-confidence with body image.

I would recommend PT Shaun to anyone looking to either lose weight, put on muscular size, or trim down  due to his professional approach to training. He has a laid back but firm outlook on life and  will encourage you to challenge yourself at almost every session.*

Chris Dodgson

Talking to Shaun after the session he had with my mum. The sessions I had after that he always asked how things were progressing for me and understood my situation and how I was struggling he recommended that I get a PT to achieve what I wanted faster and put himself forward.

To gain confidence in my appearance through gaining muscle as well as improving on my posture.

Emotionally:Confidence in my appearance

Physically: Better posture, strength

Mentally: Confidence and a greater understanding of my limits

Yes 100% would recommend you. I would recommend Shaun to anyone because he always pushes me beyond what I think I can do. He cares for my personal goals and strives to push me to achieve them.*

Amanda Abbott

PT Shaun continues to encourage me to train harder every time I am at the gym. He is very quiet and understated but I get so much from our training sessions. Each time I achieve a new goal – something I know for definite I would not achieve on my own.

I have used many gyms in Peterborough over many years and am so glad I eventually was introduced to Shaun.  He is sympathetic to the fact that I have arthritic knees and has designed a programme to suit my needs.  I have recently been introduced to indoor climbing and with Shaun’s help, my upper body strength is increasing weekly which helps with the climbing. I do look forward to my training sessions – I know that Shaun is going to encourage me to go that bit further each time, I know it is going to be tough but I know I am going to feel good after.

I would definitely recommend Shaun to anyone who I know.*

Marie Beaney

I chose you as my coach as it was obvious from speaking to you that you are passionate about personal training and from your own personal experience, you are aware of the huge positive impact that being happy with your self image can have on your life. Your enthusiasm was immediately apparent and I felt confident that would benefit me.

I wanted to learn more about the relationship between food and exercise and I feel that this has been extremely beneficial, although I still have much more to learn and put into practice myself.I also wanted to move out of my comfort zone in terms of exercise as I was stuck in a rut and wanted to try something different, like strength training. After being introduced to it by you, I know this is something that will help me attain the results I want.

Emotionally- I have faced up to many things that I think I was in denial about, particularly relating to the food choices I was making and the reasons why. You have helped me considerably in this respect.

Physically- I have become stronger, and more focused, although there is still a long way for me to go,but with commitment and dedication I feel that I can achieve what I want. Changing fundamental parts of my diet were very important for me, and you have helped me achieve that.

Mentally- I am prepared to move out of my comfort zone and try new training techniques. I am also more focused and confident in my ability to try strength training.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others as I am confident that you will listen to their needs, and come up with the best possible training program to help them achieve their goals.*

Margo Cox

When I was searching for a trainer I was impressed with how professional you are when I watched you working with other clients.

I wanted you to understand my personal needs,  and found you to be very understanding of those needs.

I feel physically stronger, emotionally more determined to build strength and mentally more confident with my appearance.

I would certainly be happy to recommend you to others as I am confident that you would give them the excellent training that you gave me.

I find you to be a very confident and knowledgeable trainer, also very easy to talk too and always ready to give advice for improvement in my training. I am also impressed that you seem to be continually improving your skills and your dietary knowledge is amazing. I would like to wish you every success for the future and thank you for all that you have done for me. I push myself harder than I ever did and seeing results.*

Grant Sykes

Someone to motivate, advise, support – yes to all three

Emotionally: Happier in myself and with my body

Physically: Fat loss, muscle gain, strength gain, better lifts

Mentally: I have a better understanding of the correct form of certain lifts

Yes I would recommend you – friendly, knowledgeable and professional PT

Shaun is awesome!*

Louise Loret-Ribeyon

I felt you would the best person to understand what I was looking for in the long term and would be able to find a way to help me that adapted to my personality.

I wanted someone who could push me but also work with me in a personal way according to my personality. I was also looking for help in the nutrition area and you helped me start that transformation in my life. And I got what I asked for 🙂

Emotionally: training with you has helped me get calmer and less emotive.

Physically: I got stronger and fitter

Yes I would recommend you. Because I believe that you work with people on a personal level. You endeavour to find what makes them tick and you work with them according to that. And I believe that brings great results

I just would like to thank you for everything. I may have not been the best of your clients but I thoroughly enjoyed training with you and working on myself with you for the one year.*

Louise Wilmer

Initially I chose you as a coach because I needed something/someone who would make me go to the gym regularly and help me get past that point I was reaching after going to the gym for a few weeks where I didn’t know how to move forward.

Initially I just wanted to get healthier and fitter and to get into a regular habit of going to the gym. As well as this you have helped me with my goals by looking at nutrition and lifestyle as a whole as well as gym workouts.

Physically: I am definitely stronger and fitter than when I started and I can see the progress I have made in my workouts

Mentally: I generally have a more positive outlook and “can do” attitude than when I started (although I do have my off days)

Yes I would recommend you. Shaun encourages you to try harder (more reps, bigger weights, different exercises) without being too pushy.

Although I have good weeks and not so good weeks Shaun can usually tell when I am being lazy and when I am genuinely struggling and adapts accordingly.*

Yvette Parker-Radford

You were approachable

Improvement in my core strength to said postnatal recovery. Yes, set me on the right track.

Physically: Started me on a recovery plan. After just a few sessions my back had improved and I was able to lie flat for first time in 4 years!.

Mentally: Gave me the confidence in the gym.

Yes I would recommend you, I enjoyed the PT sessions and found them useful.*

Caroline Ashley

Was approached and decided to try it out

To learn how to strengthen and tone correctly, yes

Increased confidence of ability

Stronger, more muscle definition

Yes, encouraging without being threatening

Adaptability to health issues and lifestyle advice is appreciated*

Darren French

New exercises to increase variety of existing workout. Yes, this was definitely achieved. You provided a number of exercises & introduced me to machines I would not previously used.

Before: Bored in same routine

After: Unfortunately my shoulder injury curtailed our last few sessions so cannot say physically but enlightened to new exercises.

Definitely would recommend you.

I would say you are very professional & thoughtful. Each session was well defined & clearly explained when it came to exercises new to me.*

Mohammed Younis

I wanted you to train me as I was very unfit, each time I trained by myself I was getting backache whereas with you I did not suffer any back problems.  In addition I was not able to motivate myself alone.

Before:  I was very unfit I had high cholesterol level, emotionally I was feeling low.  When I was training alone I couldn’t see any difference physically
After:  After training with you I was emotionally feeling good I was motivated to come to gym.  Physically I didn’t suffer any backache I was training hard. I saw the difference in my body.

I would definitely recommend you as you do make a difference not just by training also the advice you offer on healthy eating is fantastic.

I like to add your style of training works on people and makes a difference in their lives, nothing is more important than health in life so any money invested in yourself definitely pays off. I would highly recommend people to train with you and have a better healthy life.*

Andrew Howard

I had been going to a Gym for 3 or 4 years but before that had never been to gym before, I wanted to improve my overall fitness but in safe way – I also wanted to be able  to do exercises that I have never been able to do ie press ups – I have got there and now working on refining Pull Ups !

Before:   I had been going to the Gym for 3 or 4 years and whilst I was making progress –it was slow and what I did was a bit like guess work

After:  we have been working on a number of exercises and making good progress with focus on form and ensuring that moving into new exercises does not result in injury – really pleased with the progress I have made

Shaun is good at communicating and explaining not only what to do but how do it and the benefit of doing an exercise in a particular way*

Coralie D

I had an amazing experience thanks to Shaun. He helped me gain confidence and self-esteem. He was always helpful and there for support.
I highly recommend Shaun as a PT for a life change*

Thomas N

I have been a client of Shauns for a the last few months. Once a week come rain or shine he arrives at my house and pushes me to my limit.
Great trainer, happy and friendly. Makes you feel at ease while you work out and no judgments always positives.
Would highly recommend*

Sonja R

If you are looking for a quick fix, I honestly think you are in the wrong place. If you want to invest in yourself, read on.

What attracted me to make contact with Shaun was his honesty about his journey on his website. It made me smile and feel like I already half knew this person, who I needed to be able to trust implicitly. He isn’t one of those buffed up blokes you see parading like a peacock around the gym (sorry Shaun) but is a very down to earth, genuinely interested in you sort of guy.

Shaun and PN Coaching take you through all manner of experiences, stripping back so called learnt information, to reveal what little you do actually know, about yourself, nutrition and fitness.

I came to Shaun in October 17 after happening upon him on the old www, and I had been a member on and off of SWorld for 10+ years, but never having truly managed to change my eating habits.
I was looking for a way to crack my inability to eat well, and in control, as well as eat better. I was never listening to my body and the signals it was giving me. PN and Shaun have completely transformed this area of my life, and although I know I am still early on in my journey, I know I have some amazing tools in my arsenal now. I eat well, I eat less and I feel a lot, lot better to boot.

Shaun is quietly able to really ‘get under your skin’ in the nicest possible way. He asks what is good about your week and this is initially so very hard to answer, but slowly you do remember the little things that are actually quite important, and Shaun makes you see that.

He takes me out of my zone of belief in myself, can I really row with a 16kg kettlebell? I only used an 8 or 10 at max in my weekly KB class. Now I row with a 16, yes it makes me work, but I can honestly say, without his belief in me, I would never have tried this. His attention to my exercise form has made a huge difference in my general workout abilities, and I really look forward to my time with Shaun. I’ve deadlifted more than I thought I could, and this is only the beginning of my journey.

What I guess I am saying is, Shaun was my missing link. No matter how much info is out there on the internet, nothing comes close to having a Shaun. Invest in yourself, because he will invest in you. I am proud to say he is my PT*


My sessions are outdoors in the local park, regardless of the weather. The mindfulness due to location is a great bonus.
Shaun tailors a very personalised programme which he modifies for the random aches which arise from a non-mobile job role. I have discovered my glutes again.
Great, cost effective and fun sessions that embed getting the fundamentals of the core right. I look forward to improving my health and progressing in my skills*


Shaun is an amazing PT. He is focused and dedicated and makes every session challenging yet fun. Since starting with Shaun, my fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability.

Shaun ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries.
He is also extremely reliable & punctual and i definitely recommend him.

Scott M.

I got in touch with Shaun as I had suffered a back injury and had been unable to work out for quite a few months. From the initial conversation I had with him it was clear to see he was personable, he listens to his clients, he’s approachable, he made me feel at ease and would provide a personalised work out for my individual needs. I have found that his sessions have strengthened what was my weak areas and I have been able to work out & push my limits but in safe way with Shaun always checking my form and making sure I’m not feeling unnecessary pain in areas that I shouldn’t.
I have had a few personal trainers over the years but none have been as personable as Shaun, they weren’t able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and I have I never felt as much achievement so soon. I am highly impressed with Shaun, I genuinely look forward to his workouts and continue to recommend him to friends and family. Amazing value


“Thank you” seems somewhat inadequate after all you’ve had to contend with! I want to say the last 3+ years have always been the most relaxing or keenly anticipated, but I’ve always felt better after seeing you, and although I always think I could do better, you’ve made me realise how much has been achieved. Your attitude will take you far. You’ve taught me such a lot over these 3+ years proving that it’s never “too late to teach an old dog new tricks!”.


My experience was very good. I am stronger my stamina has increased and the nutritional advice was very helpful too. I am currently 2 kg away from achieving my goal of losing 14 kg. Thanks Shaun.


Shaun is a great P.T. really supportive and understanding, doesn’t put you under a lot of pressure or push you too hard. I only had four sessions to help with a program design but I really enjoyed them and found them so useful, they have really helped to better my gym routine. Would recommend Shaun to any of my friends who are looking for a P.T. in the Peterborough area, not expensive and definitely worth it. Thanks Shaun


A great guy , and a top notch Personal Trainer


Shaun is both interesting and interested. We have many ‘What’s your take on……?’ conversations which are very two way and open my mind to alternative views/options.
Shaun will work with you, challenge you, believe in you and make you believe in yourself.


After years of paying a gym membership and failing to drag myself along due to anxiety and depression, I found Shaun by doing a Google search for “personal trainer in Peterborough”. Shaun was quick to respond and after one phone call, convinced me that he was the right man for the job. I’ve just finished 6 months of training with Shaun, I have found the sessions enjoyable and haven’t experienced any of the anxiety I felt when I used a regular gym on my own. I also suffer with knee and back pain, but if any of the exercises caused pain, he always knew a modified version. Shaun is professional and organised and knows how to challenge you enough to help you reach your goals.


Before starting my sessions with Shaun the most I had really done in the gym was some half-hearted time on the treadmill or a swim, always giving up after a little progress was made. Shaun really gets you thinking about what you want to achieve, and works with you to achieve those goals. There is a real satisfaction at being able to do things that a few weeks before were a real struggle. Nice guy too.


For many years I had been thinking of changing my body shape and image. I knew it was going to take work and commitment, and I didn’t have the determination to do it alone. On a whim I reached out to PT SHAUN and got a quick response. I’m middle age and haven’t felt this strong and positive for over 25 years. He is professional, knowledgeable and motivating. Prompt and polite too.

Susan T

We work at my pace and I am working towards a lifestyle change doing what I can and the work is tailored to fit me.

Ian P

Shaun works with you and keeps the program relevant and manageable yet encourages to increase each session. Very personable


Within moments of completing the form, Shaun was on the case. We spoke a few times, not pushy but encouraging enough for me to take the leap. I see Shaun once a week but he is accessible for whenever I need him outside of our appointment. I’m really enjoying him and look forward to each week. So far so good. I’m very pleased and would recommend him.


He is very helpful training me from beginner very good at what he does knows his pt

Tracey Henderson

A thoroughly lovely genuine guy with clients and their individual needs his absolute priority

Benjamin Muir

Shaun is a fantastic PT. As a physiotherapist I trust Shaun to take great care of my patients. He has a considerate and open to approach to fitness, health and overall wellbeing. His kind and warm persona helps to create a great relationship with his clients, who achieve amazing results.

Stephen Field

I have been using Shaun as a personal trainer to lose weight and gain muscle and strength training for a good number of months now when I first started I had a lot of issues with my weight confidence and general movement due to my back problems but since working with Shaun I have managed to grasp a great understanding of nutrition and what foods are good for me and how to workout safely and my general movement has become better.I have also become more confident as a person as I used to only use the gym for a little bit as become self conscious of people around me I now have no issues with this and have grown as a person I have also along with my wife noticed a difference in my body I have muscles as for when I started I was over weight. Shaun has made the experience a calm and easy going and also enjoyable and made me feel at ease every session I have also overcome some issues I was having as a person socially and been a easy going person to talk too.

Ady Q

I have known Shaun for a long time and have seen his own personal journey from the very beginning. He has shared with me his knowledge and enthusiasm along the way thru my own journey.
Shaun is very knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise whilst also being very honest at delivering feedback. Something he does as he only wants the best for his clients.
I have worked out with Shaun a number of times and feel the benefits from when he is there. He understands and can coach muscle growth and development also fat loss and weight control.
Would recommend.


Highly recommend Shaun. I was really nervous about my first session – nervous about walking into a gym full of what I imagined would be super-fit people, nervous about what to expect, and also a bit nervous about facing up to what I needed to change. I am very gad I found Shaun! He put me at ease and was very good at digging behind my comments to find out what was really going on.
Sessions are fun, hard work, and definitely worth the time and effort. If you’re still unsure (as I was), I say take the plunge. You will not regret it and will soon see that little steps lead to positive changes.

*There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary on an individual basis. I also do not claim to fix pain.